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Some people need to get rid of pet stains on carpets and rugs, others call us for some thorough upholstery cleaning work. Whatever service avenue you need, Carpet Cleaning Beverly Hills provides pristine results and specializes in eliminating odors using safe, eco-friendly products. Here are some recent work projects completed for local residential and commercial customers.

Pet Stain Removal | Beverly Hills

Pet Stain Removal

Customer Issue: The carpet had a considerable number of urine stains left by the owner’s two cats.
Our Solution: With the UV light check, we located the stains. After extracting the urine crystals remaining in the pile, we applied a specially formulated remover for eliminating any remaining traces of the compounds causing the odor.

Melissa Cooper - Beverly Hills
Upholstery Cleaning | Beverlywood

Upholstery Cleaning

Customer Issue: Our customer had a sofa, loveseat and two armchairs with natural cotton upholstery requiring gentle yet potent cleaning.
Our Solution: We chose the cleaning product carefully after evaluating the fabric and running a dye test and used a potent deep cleaning technique that left the cotton upholstery dry. As usual, we covered all sections of the furniture pieces, including the area around the legs.

Rachel Gray - Beverlywood
Stain Removal | Holmby Hills

Stain Removal

Customer Issue: There was a fairly big permanent ink stain on the light-colored carpet.
Our Solution: We got down to work immediately extracting the few loose ink particles and then applied a specially formulated stain remover using a gentle technique. The ink extraction was successful and the carpet color was restored.

Alex Howard - Holmby Hills
Over 10 Years of Experience

Over 10 Years of Experience

We’ve performed top quality cleans for over a decade and it shows in our work.
Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

We try to maintain rates that are as fair as possible.
Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

None of our solutions are harmful to pets so you can book with confidence.
Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

We favor methods that are as clean for the environment as possible.

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