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How can you remove red dye from carpets?

Red dye is quite impossible to remove from carpets, unless the conditions are exactly right. According to Carpet Cleaning Beverly Hills experts, if the material is relatively new, the chances of removing the red dye are much better. But in other cases, the only way for removing red dye would be to apply a heat transfer process, where in a cleaning solution is applied to the spot, and a wet cloth is laid over it, and then ironed, and thoroughly rinsed.

Is there a 100% safe cleaning agent for carpets?

There is perhaps hundreds of carpet cleaning agents available in stores today. However, most carpet experts will say that no cleaning agent is 100 percent “safe”. Some cleaners however, say that you can still find a number of safe and non-toxic cleaning agents for effective rug cleaning. For example, one good formula will have a PH balance of 8.5, is non-corrosive, non-fouling, non-allergenic and odorless, and it also has water softeners or conditioners. This type of cleaning agent will also not strip away the rug's stain resistance capabilities, and is also safe for wool carpets.

What can I do to keep rugs longer?

Your oriental rugs will last for many years, even generations, if they are treated properly, regularly and with the right ecofriendly products. The specialists of our company in Beverly Hills recommend annual carpet maintenance, avoid putting them in very sunny or damp rooms, and remove stains as fast as possible to prevent wear.

Should all parts of a carpet be cleaned or can I leave the corners alone?

While it might be tempting to simply leave the corners of a carpet alone as the most obvious dirt and stains are found in the middle, it is definitely not recommended. If you want a clean carpet you need to clean every inch with no exceptions.

Is it true that molds can grow on carpets?

Yes, molds can grow on carpets especially when the environment is warm and moist. In fact, it is one of the most common carpet cleaning issues. Homeowners do basic cleaning, but fail to sanitize or perform a thorough cleaning. Odor removal and mold removal services are also available.

What are the effects of dirty carpets?

The basic effects of dirty carpets are fatigue, respiratory problems, running nose, red eyes and asthma attacks. If you already have asthma or allergies, things will just get worse. If you also use detergents with chemicals, the effects will be terrible. It's best to ask assistance from Carpet Cleaning Beverly Hills and always use homemade or ecofriendly products. You must also clean carpets as often as possible.

Which are the worst carpet stains?

While wine, ketchup and coffee stains are quite stubborn, the ones caused by chemicals such as pesticides and products for the pool can be much worse. This is because they usually become visible only after a certain amount of time. This usually happens after extended exposure to sunlight which causes a chemical reaction and leads to color change and damage to the fibers.


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