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Whether you have new or old carpets, they require proper maintenance to stay in good condition and to retain their look and feel. Get practical tips in the field of carpet cleaning from this web page. These tips cover various aspects of this job and are more than helpful for every household. Take full advantage of them now.

Here you can spot the best tips to clean carpet stains effectively. The best ideas about carpet cleaning!

Is it wise to plan the day for carpet cleaning ahead and why? Find out about the importance of deep carpet cleaning, too.

Removing tree sap

A common carpet issue during the holiday season is sticky and tacky Christmas tree sap. To remove it, pinch and lift as much sap up as possible using a paper towel. Then apply a TINY amount of WD-40 to the sap and repeat the lifting process. Next, remove the oil and the sap by lifting with a paper towel. Any excess can be removed with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. For other spills, give our carpet cleaning specialists a call for expert advice and assistance.

Know when to deep clean

Knowledge on deep cleaning your carpet is essential if your carpet is so dirty that the vacuum cleaner is not enough to remove all the dirt. However, Carpet Cleaning Beverly Hills professionals also recommend knowing when you should resort to deep cleaning. You can tell that it is time to deep clean when your carpet feels sticky, has a completely different color than before, there are grimy circles around the legs of the furniture, and if it releases dust when you run on it.

Plan out your cleaning movements

One reason why carpet cleaning can be so exhausting is because it can cover the entire room. Make sure that you plan your movements as you clean the carpet; start your run from the far end of the room, then work your way towards the room’s entrance. As minor as it sounds, it can be quite troublesome if you accidentally trap yourself in the far end of the room in the middle of cleaning.

Use crisscross pattern or overlapping strokes

Plenty of dust, dirt, and grime are left behind on high traffic areas, so vacuuming slowly and with several passes is sometimes not enough. If you really want to get rid of deep-seated dirt, it is best that you vacuum in a crisscross pattern or with overlapping strokes. It may take a while, but it will ensure a thorough cleaning.

Beating the rug

Carpets are notoriously easy to soil. This is because they're down on the ground where dust gets kicked around. This goes double for households that have kids running around with their dirty shoes on or also with pets who come in and out of houses freely. When a rug or carpet gets visibly dirty, it's high time that you beat the rug. Hang the carpet on a clothesline and with a broom, paddle or even a tennis racket, go to town on its back side to remove dust and dirt.

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